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Team Member Spotlight: Steve Keller


Steve Keller discovered Easter-Owens while at a sales meeting at a medical company. The company building happened to be right across the street from Easter-Owens in Arvada. Through his research of the company, he was instantly drawn to the quality of work and their reputation in the community. He later applied and was hired as the Utility Sales Manager for Outside Sales, and he says he takes “great pride in his company and the work they provide to their customers.”

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4 Reasons To Try Powder Coating



Once an electrical enclosure or other industrial box is in use, most people don't give its coating a second thought. However, it's worth giving it some consideration at the time the box is being ordered. This will help to ensure that you end up with one that will resist the rigors of the environment and protect the metal beneath for years to come.

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The Good, Bad, and Dangers of Metal Fabrication



Metal Fabrication is a fairly specialized skill set.  Just as not everyone knows how to use a miter saw, even fewer know how to use a metal chop saw.  This is before thinking about rolling, bending, or welding the metal.


The truth is that it's not good enough to just get a design done, it needs to be executed skillfully.  Ensure that your fabrication project is in the right hands by remembering “The Good, The Bad and The Dangerous”. 

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State Certification Requirements for Modular Buildings

Currently, there are 33 states that require modular building certifications. Each of these states has a different process, requirements and Third Party inspection schedule to obtain individual building certification. Compliance with all modular building requirements is critical to the successful inspection and startup of a modular building project. 

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Streamlining Manufacturing Production with Lean

Over the years, the emphasis on reducing waste and streamlining the manufacturing process has become more and more prominent. But of course, streamlining shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. We believe that Lean practices apply to the entire business – from the front end, to the back end, from every office to the factory floor. Every element of the process needs to be analyzed, which means leaving the traditional approach behind and focusing on more than just operations.

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