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Madison Capps

Recent Posts

PDC Buildings: Streamlining The Process



The manufacturing of Power Distribution Center (PDC) Buildings is no small task. The buildings are fairly sizeable and house a lot of moving parts that are all equally important to one another. With the boom of the oil and gas industry, a need for larger quantities of PDC buildings began to rise.


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CAD Software: A Blessing Or Curse?

The wide world is growing by leaps and bounds and the manufacturing industry is feeling the effects of the technological growth. Specifically, Computer Aided Design Software has helped custom metal fabrication reach new levels of design in recent years. Of course all our fellow engineering veterans know that how helpful Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software can be, but how does it help the rest of the warehouse?

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5 Ways To Stay Creative When Metal Fab Becomes Monotonous

It’s no secret that the world of custom metal fabrication can get drab at times. Especially when an order comes in for 20 of the same rectangular shaped box. How do welders, designers and engineers keep from getting bored in the shop?  

Luckily for Designers and Engineers, it’s highly likely this set of rectangular electrical boxes have been designed before and some kind of basic template exists to start a new project. Welders, painters and fabrication experts may not be so lucky. Working on the same shape over and over in succession can take its toll on the mind and the body. 

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A Day In The Life of Mechanical Designer, Clark Thompson


The gorgeous, functional designs that flow out of Easter-Owens warehouse all start with an idea. But, how does that project go from just an idea to a fully constructed, custom fabricated object? For Mechanical Designer Clark Thompson, turning a scrap of an idea into a fully functioning device is not just a job, it’s a passion.

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Get Rid of Quality Assurance Problems Once And For All

Manufacturing processes are constantly changing to decrease cost and increase profits, all while turning out products at a faster rate. A good quality control program is the catalyst for manufacturing businesses to bring in and retain new customers. Failure to follow a good quality assurance checklist can cause catastrophic costs and delays for big companies, for example tire and vehicle manufacturing recalls.

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