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Madison Capps

Recent Posts

The Secret of Finding The Perfect Electrical Engineer

A finished manufacturing project might look great, but if it doesn’t function correctly, you’re going to run into a big problem. Vetting an Electrical Engineering team is just as important as finding the perfect Design team to build the product. Be sure to ask your electrical team these four questions to make sure you’re getting the best in the electrical business.

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Are You Missing Out On Important Manufacturing Technology?


As set-in-their-ways as metal workers are (veteran welders, we’re looking at you!), there’s so much excellent technology out there to advance the manufacturing industry, it’s hard for even them not to take notice. Technology in the metal fab world has taken a turn for the better recently. Any addition of technology in a manufacturing warehouse speeds the process, refines work flow and helps grow an excellent quality control rating. Here are a few pieces of manufacturing technology any shop should consider bringing in.


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Welder Safety: Dress the Part, Maintain Your Art



Welders, we know it's a no-brainer when protecting yourself against your highly volatile welder's arc, but here are some things you should consider. 


When it comes to welding, safety practices are fairly universal. Here are a few head-to-toe tips for dressing smartly on the job - and keeping your most important assets safely shielded from an extremely intense flame (so you can keep doing what you love!). 


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A Day In The Life of Fabrication Lead, J.D. Samms

Ever wonder what needs to happen behind the scenes to ensure project delivery is flawless and on time? Easter-Owens Fabrication Lead, J.D. Samms shares some insight on the daily schedule of tasks and effort it takes to meet project goals and deadlines.

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To The New Generation Of Welders, Welcome!

Looking for a career that guarantees a good paycheck and maximum amounts of freedom? Welding may be the answer.

It’s no surprise that with the boom of the oil and gas industry, the welding industry has exploded. Even as oil prices rock back and forth, new generations of welders are being called up to work in booming industries. 


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