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Zimmie Joeh

Colorado grown and taking on the world. Join my journey.
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Recent Posts

Project Estimator: Janice Miller

In a time when males dominated the manufacturing world and the Internet seemed more reverie than reality, few dared enter the all-boys club. That is, except for Janice Miller.  Miller entered the industry answering phones and managing accounts receivable. When the crew was stretched too thin Miller was expected to step in and assist where she was needed most. She became an industry Renaissance woman juggling inventory control, purchasing, and estimating. Eager to learn, she kept her eyes and ears open to take in any information that came her way.  

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Welding: A Lost Art?

From the I-beams, high, atop the Manhattan skyline to your neighborhood playground, metal fabrication has shaped our reality.  The skilled trade of metal manufacturing bends the rules of one of our toughest resources in order to succumb to our challenging product designs.  However, even with our demand for this high performing profession only a select few dare to delve into the world of molten metal and ornate sparks.  Why is there such a demand for workers and no one to fill the need?  

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Art In Unlikely Places: Industrial Manufacturing


The grandeur in innovation is in realizing limitations and bending them to our will.

Conjuring ideas through discussion, overcoming flaws, taking pen to paper in order to erect the world around us. Art is not just reserved for the painters and poets, but rather for the pioneers. Custom U.S. manufacturing offers masterfully crafted solutions for our global need.


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Solar Power Quenches Thirst

Desal-Prize winners may have developed a system to turn our world’s abundant supply of salt water into viable drinking water.

It is no secret that our growing global need is exhausting our natural resources and we are in a race to find plausible replacements.  Drinking water is no exception.  Recently, California residents were placed on strict water usage restrictions in order to conserve the meager portions still available.  Why should a state, surrounded by abundant oceans, be in such great need?  

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Texas Certification Opens New Doors for Easter-Owens

Easter-Owens is proud to announce that we are amongst the first in Colorado to be certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

Easter-Owens is now certified to build reliable and durable custom industrial buildings for the state of Texas. For over 60 years, Easter-Owens has been dedicated to providing high-quality custom designs, manufacturing and product solutions. It is an approach that we plan to continue in our future endeavors.  


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