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Manufacturer Honored for Quality and Service


Just a short two years ago our family owned, Arvada business was named a Colorado Company to Watch. Check out the article below for some insight on one of our most proud and memorable moment. 

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Security Electronics: Touchbolt™ Switch TBM5-TERM


Touch technology is being used in a myriad of consumer products today from touch panels on microwaves and washing machines to those that are replacing the traditional lighting switchboards. Our TOUCHBOLT ™ SWITCH TBM5-TERM, brings touch technology into the manufacturing and process control industry utilizing a relay-based controller with enough current to flip a single circuit at a rated load of 1A at 30VAC/30VDC or 0.5A at 125VAC. As technology advances, non-mechanical buttons are providing a sleek and durable alternative for many consumer product designs, and are increasingly used for operator input in harsh or wet industrial environments.

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International Access in Metal Fabrication: 3 Benefits



Metal fabrication is a necessary tool used by contractors, engineers, and designers regularly in various industries including construction, repair shops, shipyards, and airfields, to name just a few. Therefore, it is beneficial - and key - when deciding upon a fabrication company, that its connections span not only domestically, but also internationally. The opportunity to access clientele around the world should not be limited or restricted by the capabilities of a metal fabricator. Metal fabrication companies servicing regions around the world should be high on any industry’s list as they provide the opportunity to expand, grow, and build a more diverse client base.



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Metal Fabrication: Three Touch Points to Understanding It



Metal fabrication is a useful process for contractors, engineers, and designers. When embarking upon a new project where fabricated metal will be used such as structural design, machine development, or the designing of specialized metal components, it is important to first become knowledgeable on the basics of fabrication and fabrication companies.

With such a wide variety of possibilities and projects, here are three touch points to begin understanding just what Metal Fabrication entails.

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Safety, Solutions and Power of a Generator Tap Box


Many businesses that rely on emergency portable generators use the tap box as a fast and safe part of a backup power plan. Without the tap box, hooking up an emergency generator during a power outage takes time and brings the hazards of having high voltage cables running along interior surfaces, stairways and floors of your building. Making these connections in a safe manner may very well require the services of an electrician.


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