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Understanding the Advantages of Fabricating Offsite vs Onsite


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The Importance of Standardized PLC and Power Control Centers


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Technology versus Demand: The Need for Customization


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Realize Your Custom Fabrication Goals


Easter-Owens is now certified to build reliable and durable custom industrial buildings for the state of Texas.

Along with our certification in Texas we are also a trusted manufacturer nationally and globally. Since 1955, Easter-Owens has been dedicated to providing high-quality custom designs, manufacturing and product solutions. It is an approach that we plan to continue in our future endeavors.  

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Solar Power Quenches Thirst

Desal-Prize winners may have developed a system to turn our world’s abundant supply of salt water into viable drinking water.

It is no secret that our growing global need is exhausting our natural resources and we are in a race to find plausible replacements.  Drinking water is no exception.  Recently, California residents were placed on strict water usage restrictions in order to conserve the meager portions still available.  Why should a state, surrounded by abundant oceans, be in such great need?  

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