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Employee Spotlight: Sherif Elkhatib



Meet Sherif Elkhatib, our Application Engineer new to Easter-Owens. Sherif can inject himself right into the process and help the team work towards a more effective solution. Prior to joining the workforce, he earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, where he was heavily involved in the Minority Engineering Program and the National Society of Black Engineers.

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Technology versus Demand: The Need for Customization


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Expanded Punch Press Operations with New TruPunch Trumpf Machine

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PDC Buildings: Streamlining The Process



The manufacturing of Power Distribution Center (PDC) Buildings is no small task. The buildings are fairly sizeable and house a lot of moving parts that are all equally important to one another. With the boom of the oil and gas industry, a need for larger quantities of PDC buildings began to rise.


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Project Estimator: Janice Miller

In a time when males dominated the manufacturing world and the Internet seemed more reverie than reality, few dared enter the all-boys club. That is, except for Janice Miller.  Miller entered the industry answering phones and managing accounts receivable. When the crew was stretched too thin Miller was expected to step in and assist where she was needed most. She became an industry Renaissance woman juggling inventory control, purchasing, and estimating. Eager to learn, she kept her eyes and ears open to take in any information that came her way.  

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