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Generator Tap Box: What is it?

Generator tap boxes, also known as a generator inlet cabinet, are something we don't think about everyday, but are very important in our society. In the case of a power outage, it offers a fast connection to a mobile emergency generator. For businesses such as hospitals, gas stations, banks and grocery stores this is an absolute necessity.

Why? Power keeps perishables fresh and business functionalities intact. With a generator tap box, and the installation of a transfer switch, you can have power up and running in tem minutes or less.

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Safety, Solutions and Power of a Generator Tap Box


Many businesses that rely on emergency portable generators use the tap box as a fast and safe part of a backup power plan. Without the tap box, hooking up an emergency generator during a power outage takes time and brings the hazards of having high voltage cables running along interior surfaces, stairways and floors of your building. Making these connections in a safe manner may very well require the services of an electrician.


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