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Announcing the Reveal of the EOC² Micro Data in Austin, Texas!


Easter-Owens announces the availability of containerized micro data centers in 4 and 10 rack configurations using 20' long and 40' long ISO compatible shipping containers. With all the functionality of an ISO shipping container and none of the wear, rust, chemicals and associated logistical and permitting challenges, the Easter-Owens Custom Container (EOC²) is built from the bottom up, using our proven manufacturing techniques that include traceable and code-compliant materials. That means there are no pesticide-treated wood floors and no lead paint testing, thus ensuring code-compliance.

Easter Owens will be attending the Edge Global Congress Conference in Austin November 5-6, 2019. On those two days Easter-Owens is also offering a preview and official rollout of the EOC2 Micro Data Center to all interested parties, including conference attendees.


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The Importance of Finding a One-stop Shop for PDCs & Modular Fabrication


In the ever-changing manufacturing industry, finding PDCs and equipment of quality at a lower cost is not an easy task. Strict competition and stringent regulations also heighten the need for quality and efficiency, fast making modular fabrication an industry standard. The one-stop-shop solves many of the problems of higher costs and continuity of quality. Using multiple companies for one build can be overwhelming, complicated, and can compromise the overall quality.

At Easter-Owens, a trusted fabrication and electrical solutions manufacturer for over 60 years, the priority is creating efficiencies in equipment for your specific industry’s operations.


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PDC Shipping Splits: How to mitigate extra costs and minimize schedule delays



Can you repeat those dimensions, please?

That’s the question we’re often asked by logistics personnel after we call to get a freight quote on a PDC (Power Distribution Center). There are many items used in industrial construction that are easy to ship—say the size of a couple of full size pick-up trucks. PDC buildings, often, do not fall into this category.


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Top 3 Features of Secondary Connection Cabinets



Buildings that contain specialized equipment, such as welding machinery or large-scale baking appliances, require external power connection points that allow multiple service feeds. This is because the different devices within the building have different voltage ratings and would, therefore, need separate lines right from the point of connection to the external power source. Secondary connection cabinets are expertly designed to provide a safe enclosure for splicing and distribution of power within such facilities. Listed below are various features that make these cabinets particularly suited for the task.

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The Good, Bad, and Dangers of Metal Fabrication



Metal Fabrication is a fairly specialized skill set. Just as not everyone knows how to use a miter saw, even fewer know how to use a metal chop saw.  This is before thinking about rolling, bending, or welding the metal.


The truth is that it's not good enough to just get a design done, it needs to be executed skillfully.  Ensure that your fabrication project is in the right hands by remembering “The Good, The Bad and The Dangerous”. 

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