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Announcing the Reveal of the EOC² Micro Data in Austin, Texas!


Easter-Owens announces the availability of containerized micro data centers in 4 and 10 rack configurations using 20' long and 40' long ISO compatible shipping containers. With all the functionality of an ISO shipping container and none of the wear, rust, chemicals and associated logistical and permitting challenges, the Easter-Owens Custom Container (EOC²) is built from the bottom up, using our proven manufacturing techniques that include traceable and code-compliant materials. That means there are no pesticide-treated wood floors and no lead paint testing, thus ensuring code-compliance.

Easter Owens will be attending the Edge Global Congress Conference in Austin November 5-6, 2019. On those two days Easter-Owens is also offering a preview and official rollout of the EOC2 Micro Data Center to all interested parties, including conference attendees.


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Using Modular Server Enclosures to Recover Stranded Power

By Hector Diaz on 6.27.2019 Mission Critical


Let’s start with a short review of what stranded power is and what is its cause. Stranded power is running out of room in your data center server hall (also referred to as “white space”) before you run out of installed UPS capacity.

Invariably the culprit is over-optimistic projections for power densities (expressed in kW/rack) in a data center’s design phase. If a 2 MW data center is designed to house racks with an average power density of 8 kW/rack it would be designed to house 250 racks. If those racks actually average a power consumption of 5 kW/rack, by the time you fill all available space you will be using 1.25 MW of power and cooling. You have thus stranded 0.75 MW of power. At an average construction cost of $12M/MW, you have stranded $9M worth of power and cooling infrastructure. Needless to say, that is a poor use of corporate capital.


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Our Proven Process Ensures Turnkey Customer Service



Our first priority at Easter-Owens is creating a product that fulfills our customers’ specifications, one that can be relied on, with impeccable customer service that can’t be found anywhere else. Top-notch quality control procedure and an open door policy ensure that not only do our products meet and exceed a company’s needs, but also provide a level of comfort along the way. At Easter-Owens, we aren’t afraid to open our doors at any phase of a project for our customers or engineers to test, provide feedback and work in tandem to guarantee that expectations are being met deliver a stellar product.


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