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4 Reasons To Try Powder Coating

By Easter-Owens on 10.24.2017 Powder Coating



Once an electrical enclosure or other industrial box is in use, most people don't give its coating a second thought. However, it's worth giving it some consideration at the time the box is being ordered. This will help to ensure that you end up with one that will resist the rigors of the environment and protect the metal beneath for years to come.

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Powder Coating: The Process Simplified



The main steps to powder coating aren't too dissimilar to painting, but there are some differences that make the final finish so much smoother and more durable.  So how does powder coating work?

Imagine, you just got your industrial control panel powder coated.  It looks better than new, the color is bright, and the finish is smooth as glass.  So how did it get like that?

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Powder Coating: The Right Powder For The Job

Some may argue that the powder coating selection is the most difficult part of the fabrication process. There are thousands of options not only in colors but in texture and gloss levels as well. If that's not enough to wrack your brain over, you can even go as far as to mix different powders together. 

So how do you decide what powder is the best for the job? Start with the basics and break it down from there. Here's a brief summary of the base powders and their strengths toward a specific job type:

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How Powder Coating Contributes to Quality Fabrication

 Whether you're fabricating power distribution equipment or security electronics, powder coating is an essential part to fabricating quality products that are not only durable, but also economically and environmentally friendly. 

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