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Employee Spotlight: Hector Diaz

By Easter-Owens on 7.17.2019 Why Easter-Owens



Hector is a senior business leader with 15+ years’ experience designing, deploying, and operating mission critical infrastructure. He is an industry expert on sorting through data center construction, expansion, and lease options. At Easter-Owens he leads all aspects of our Mission Critical practice.


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Employee Spotlight: Bob Grenfell



Meet Easter-Owens’ new Purchasing Manager, Bob Grenfell. His responsibilities include the following: inventory management, supplier/vendor management, negotiations, and managing cost reduction.


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Security Electronics: Touchbolt™ Switch TBM5-TERM


Touch technology is being used in a myriad of consumer products today from touch panels on microwaves and washing machines to those that are replacing the traditional lighting switchboards. Our TOUCHBOLT ™ SWITCH TBM5-TERM, brings touch technology into the manufacturing and process control industry utilizing a relay-based controller with enough current to flip a single circuit at a rated load of 1A at 30VAC/30VDC or 0.5A at 125VAC. As technology advances, non-mechanical buttons are providing a sleek and durable alternative for many consumer product designs, and are increasingly used for operator input in harsh or wet industrial environments.

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60 Years in Metal Fabrication

Journey back to 1955, when a gallon of gas cost .23 cents, Disney introduced us to their Magic Kingdom, the Brooklyn Dodgers took home a World Series win and William Easter along with his cousin Al Owens, were opening the garage doors to their humble custom manufacturing business. Easter’s goal was lofty and well intentioned. Denver was growing and needed to support that effort with increasing utility infrastructure. 


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National Manufacturing Day: Revering the Past & Celebrating the Future


The Industrial Revolution progressed America into, a modern, urban landscape and a leader in manufacturing technology. The 19th century was characterized by mass production, electrification of factories and more efficient steel production. Chemicals, vulcanized rubber, fertilizers, home goods and automobiles became manufacturing monopolies. Newly successful American manufacturers ushered in a new era.


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